How to code? How to learn coding?

Coding is my job. But I learned it before starting to study it in school. I learned it only because I wanted to talk about video games and review them on this new thing called, back then, the Internet . It seems I haven’t changed a bit. 🙂

Learning how to code is like learning a job. If you know how to do it, you’ll be able to find a job easily I think, regardless the country you live in.

So it’s difficult for me to answer my friends when they ask “How do I begin?”

The main thing to know for me is simple: “Coding is giving instructions to a computer”.

If you want to do a website, find a programming language for websites.

For an application, find the appropriate programming language as well.

And then if you want your application, to react when you press Spacebar, give the instructions to the computer.

If you want to have a black background when you press the Spacebar, give the instructions to the computer in your code.

Coding is about decomposing every step of something happening on the screen.

“How come my spaceship in my game shoots when I press spacebar and goes down when I press the down arrow?”

It’s only because it has an event linked to the spacebar button which makes a shot appear. Everything about the shot is also defined in the code: the image used, the speed, the number of shots on screen etc.

I would advise those who want to begin to code to take a look at initiatives.

Also Codecademy is great to start with.

A good book can also be more useful than a website in some cases because the amount of choices in a website could be overwhelming.  A book is usually well structured in a step by step process.

So if you want to learn it, just start now. No excuses. Start something, don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes, we all did and that’s the basics of learning. Just start something even if it’s super easy, it will be easier to continue from that next time you work on it.

Next post, next Monday ! 🙂






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