My little game: Shootius 0.18

As a normal video games addict player, I wanted to do my own game.

So I did a lot of tries and little mini-games during my free time.
Here are my snake game, sokoban game and shoot’em up (also a not working try at a rhythm game):
Download Shootius 0.18 for Windows
To start the games just enter the extracted files and then it’s under Debug/Square.exe
I know it’s full of bugs. It’s not meant to be pro, it’s only my tries.
It’s made in C++ with the SDL graphical library.

Enter – enter menu
Arrow Keys – Move, select menu
Spacebar – Shoot in Shootius
Esc – Quit the game / Go back to the previous menu
No joypad support yet. You can always map keys with a software like Xpadder or Joy2Key if you really want to play more than 10 seconds. 😉
There is no shame into trying to do stuff. That is why I did it. 🙂
There is plenty of tutorials on Internet but I used this one mainly (in French) and I guessed the rest myself.

SDL Library

Next post, next monday. 🙂








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