Artificial Intelligence

For me, artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that try to reproduce part of human behaviour or abilities with a computer.
Artificial intelligence is often seen in movies on the form of robots behaving like humans or a computer who becomes crazy and is taking control of every electronical or electrical devices.

In video games, AI is either used to describe a game that can take decisions by itself or to designate some algorithms giving a behaviour to some characters, units, objets.

Video games with a “true” AI (who can deduce decisions) are rare because it takes a lot of research of development and consequently money to realize. Also having an AI in a game won’t guarantee it will be fun to play or that it will sell a lot.

Here are some things you can do with AI:
– Tutoring actual students
– Pathfinding (more on that in a next post)
– Learning how players behave in a environment to create non playable characters who mimick them
– Having a conversation with a human:
The famous Alan Turing’s test places a person in front of a computer. This person will communicate through the computer with what he believes is another human. It’s in fact a machine adapting to the dialogue with the person by answering properly.
– Processing natural language.
– Learning
– and a lot more…

Each of this task is very complex and there is a lot of research going on in universities and companies about each of them.
However this is one of my favorite computer science subject.
I just find it thrilling to learn more about that.
Unfortunately, there is a lot more to be done and it’s hard to find recent articles about it.

If you want to read more about artificial intelligence there’s AIGameDev which gives an outlook of what can be done.

Also if you want to work in that field, your best bet would be to work in universities.
It’s a fascinating field with a lot of concrete applications.

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2 responses to “Artificial Intelligence”

  1. bhatmahesht says :

    Artificial intelligence is the one that gives the the competetive edge in the future. So far video games were of a great deal of help for the AI researches. Nowadays it’s more shifted to machine learning, like learning from images , words etc

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