Programming on PS Vita

Programming on PS Vita is really easy. Sony has done a lot of efforts to please the indies developers since this generation of console. They understood that more indie games can make the players wait between the blockbuster games.

Programming on PS Vita is done in C#. So if you’re already used to programming on Xbox 360, XNA or Unity, you won’t have trouble.
In the SDK Bundle Sony provides, you will find a Integrated Development Environment (IDE) very similar to Visual Studio. In fact it looks like a lighter version of Visual Studio. In the bundle, there is also a lot of very interesting samples showing few abilities of the handheld and the framework

All you have to do to get you started is to follow these steps:
1) Register / Sign-In here:
2) Download the SDK Bundle.
3) Start coding/ fiddling around with the libraries

4) If you want your code/game to work on your PS Vita (because an emulator/simulator is never 100% faithful to the actual hardware), you will have to subscribe for a license on the same website quoted above. This license will give you a key and will allow you to publish on the PS Mobile Store.

All these steps are for the PS Mobile Store which is also available on some other selected Sony devices. I’m sure if you’ve got something awesome coded on that, you can negotiate with Sony to publish it on the PS Vita Store.

Here is a tutorial I used to get started doing things on my handheld:







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