I wish I could show a new build of Shootius

But it isn’t done yet. There are many new improvements in my current build including the ability to launch it without having Visual C++ redistributable.

I’m stuck on some bugs which are stopping me from finishing the new features.
Maybe I’m aiming too high with this one, but I’m having fun coding it anyway.
My little shoot’em up is getting better and better. 🙂

Meanwhile I’ve started learning ColdFusion. It’s a programming language made by Adobe. It’s a server language just like PHP, ASP.NET and JSP.
It’s based on markups. Everything you do is with markups. There are the usual loop structures, conditional structures, and equivalent of classes and objects.

What I like about it, is the fact that it seems thought from the beginning for the actual technologies.
You see great tools already existing for dealing with databases for example.

It’s a little bit hard to get used to this new language because of that kind of syntax:

    method = "method name" 
    returnVariable = "variable name" 
    argumentCollection = "argument collection" 

Which would mean that in other usual languages:
variablename = methodname(argument1,argument2,argument3);

Apparently it’s Java based and it’s cleaner(code-wise) than PHP.






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