The year 2100 bug

You always wanted to crash your computer? You already guessed how to do it by reading the title of the blog post?
If you didn’t, just change your windows 7 (I didn’t try the others, should be the same) time setting to the closest of the year 2100. You’ll manage to do something like:
23:59:50 on the 31st december 2099.

Then you’ll have 10 seconds before your computer freezes and crashes every open application.
Don’t worry by rebooting several times (because the first time, your BIOS won’t like it also), windows will set itself to a prior date like 2010.
You’ll have to set up the correct date again of course.
If by any chance, you were developing an application based on date,… don’t do it. Or at least close it before…
(A friend of a friend might have done something that… smart…)







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