Montreal mini maker faire

What’s a maker faire? It’s a festival of people showing what they create during their free time.

It can be robots, instruments, inventions, toys, anything.
It’s about doing something from scratch without having to depend too much on a company.
You want to do your own red chair but you live in a little student apartment?
There is a lot of dedicated spaces with communities in the world. In theses spaces you can find the tools and people who know how to use them.
Depending on what you want to do you want to join either a hackerspace, a maker space or a fabric space.

Of course, it’s easier to find these hackerspaces/labs in big cities but people are also starting them elsewhere.

The montreal mini maker faire was very motivating, I saw a lot of diverse projects people do as their hobbies.
It’s full of ideas.
There is a list of all the projects here.
But next time there is such a faire, I just recommend you to go there and to talk to people.
Ask all the questions you want about their invention.
Information is power. đŸ™‚






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