It’s alive ! AAA-LLIVE ! Shootius 0.25 !

After many months spent with a buggy version of Shootius, I finally took the time to debug it.

Thanks to Visual Studio’s cryptic error messages, it took me a while to figure out that in C++ when to do that in your .hpp :

static std::vector<Player*> playerList;


You have to declare it also in your cpp:

std::vector<Player*> GameState::playerList;

Because it is static.Coming from Java and C#, I didn’t find that very intuitive.


New release of my game !
Download Shootius 0.25 for Windows

Release Notes:

– Changed resolution

– Working on 4 players mode

– Changed Life bars display

– Made the code cleaner and more dynamic as always.



Known Issues:

– I screwed up the Wood Satellite weapon

– The score now displays in the Enemy Selected Life Bar


Arrow Keys – Move
Spacebar – Fire Shot
X – Elec Spark
C – Wood Satellite
P – Pause
Esc – Quit the game


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