The mass effect

I hate it. It’s just completely stupid according to my opinion.

I don’t like when a trend starts and more and more people are jumping in the bandwagon.
What does it show? That you can do like others? be like others?

I know it feels great to belong to a group and a big one moreover but there is way more to learn by taking a step back and watching them from far.
In masses, people loses their identity. If people starts doing something stupid, the rest of them will just follow them without thinking.
It’s dangerous for people inside and outside the mass.

You want examples of what I call mass effects?
– Football supporters or hockey supporters
– Day one buyers of an electronic device like iPhone, or movies, or video games.
– Trends of Facebook, Twitter posts: Elections, Star Wars, Back to the future….
– People drinking alcohol and wanting others to drink too.

Innovation doesn’t happen by following others like a sheep.
Don’t try to be like the others, be yourself.

If everybody goes in one direction, take an alternate route.

If you want more information about mass effect/crowd psychology/collective behaviour, I recommend starting with this Wikipedia article and browsing the links referred there:

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