Our mind keeps on going everywhere, constantly when we are awake.
We analyze situations, environment, people. We judge, we choose with which emotions we react to something.
We think about the past, the future and sometimes even the present.

When we are facing problems, we focus on them.
Sometimes we are happy and we want to be entertained.
Sometimes we are not happy about our life and we want to change our mindset.

For all that, there is escapism.
Whether it is your book, your movie, video game, music, it helps you focus on something else, enter another world with your mind.
You suddenly follow the story of somebody else, relax, or imagine yourself living the story of a specific character.
It helps you perceive the way the author, composer thinks through his work.

As for everything, some of us abuse of escapism instead of trying to fix, improve their life.
They consume substances to help them relax, control themselves, think about something else.

I think the key is to learn to do that by yourself without the “help” of substances. To become mentally stronger and stronger little by little.


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