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Mind building

Mind building is an expression I use to express what we do when we form a judgement about something or someone. (If someone has the psychological term, please tell me)
All the experiences with someone else, his appearance, behaviour, conversations with you, will form an image of him in your mind.
Sometimes you will remember the last experience with him as a good or bad one.
If it is a bad one, you might not want to remember this person, despite all the good memories with him before.

You can mind build about an experience.
i.e. You enjoyed the first time you dived in a swimming pool, so you are going to repeat it because of the previous experiences.

Or you can mind build based on what others say, what you’ve read.
i.e. you heard diving in a swimming pool was fun, or you heard that sometimes people hurt themselves by landing not correctly.

Or you can mind build based on false assumptions.
i.e. you think that all “swimming pools divers” are professional, therefore you don’t think you can do it.

Sometimes mind building can lead to the “analysis paralysis” which I called over-thinking before discovering the expression.
According to Wikipedia:
“Analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis is an anti-pattern, the state of over-analysing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.”
i.e. Let’s imagine you never dived from a swimming pool. Now you are in the swimming pool, you see the diving board. You imagine yourself on it, you imagine yourself diving and all the scenarios possible. The more you think about it, the less likely you are going to do it.
That’s analysis paralysis.

Choose correctly what do you want to think of something.
Be ready, to change your opinion about it, and don’t let it prevent you from doing something you want.


How to Make a Country Rich

A very interesting “School of life” video about:

“If you were setting out to make a country rich, what kind of mindsets and ideas would be most likely to achieve your goals? We invent a country, Richland, and try to imagine the psychology of its inhabitants. ”

This video helps us taking a step back on our society. Our society and social life implies a lot of behaviours.
We are not always aware of them and sometimes we feel stressed or anxious about things everyone else is concerned.
We just behave like that because many of the things we learned imply such a behaviour.

Live and let live

There is a problem in France…
Well more than one…

but one that annoyed me back then…
and I keep on seeing it in the news.

Everyone tells you how you should live, behave. As if there was only one way to live.
The government keeps on voting laws that tells you that you should not download, that you should pay for that, that you should behave like that…
And when a government behave like that, people behave the same.
If people see a government stealing in front of everyone, people will not think by themselves and they will think it’s okay to steal as the government does it already.
But yeah, like I was saying in this post, you belong to groups in France.

You do a mistake, people blame you for that.
You wear something different, people blame you for that.
You don’t obey perfectly to the laws, people blame you for that.
You change jobs often? people blame you for that.
You want to start your studies again at 30? people blame you for that.
You start having a successful business? ┬ápeople …. you get the idea.

I’m pretty sure you would be denounced by others for something as stupid as jaywalking.

It’s like people like to be good soldiers.
People like to behave the same.
They are not used to difference and they are not ready to accept it.

It’s very difficult for their mind to compute that there is 7 billions people in the world, and everybody’s life is different.

I had to start moving out in different countries to see the difference.
That you can do a lot of things without being judged all the times.

It really frees the mind.

In general, the north Americans are more optimist, maybe less informed and a little bit more naive than the French people but at least they:

Live and let live.