Live and let live

There is a problem in France…
Well more than one…

but one that annoyed me back then…
and I keep on seeing it in the news.

Everyone tells you how you should live, behave. As if there was only one way to live.
The government keeps on voting laws that tells you that you should not download, that you should pay for that, that you should behave like that…
And when a government behave like that, people behave the same.
If people see a government stealing in front of everyone, people will not think by themselves and they will think it’s okay to steal as the government does it already.
But yeah, like I was saying in this post, you belong to groups in France.

You do a mistake, people blame you for that.
You wear something different, people blame you for that.
You don’t obey perfectly to the laws, people blame you for that.
You change jobs often? people blame you for that.
You want to start your studies again at 30? people blame you for that.
You start having a successful business?  people …. you get the idea.

I’m pretty sure you would be denounced by others for something as stupid as jaywalking.

It’s like people like to be good soldiers.
People like to behave the same.
They are not used to difference and they are not ready to accept it.

It’s very difficult for their mind to compute that there is 7 billions people in the world, and everybody’s life is different.

I had to start moving out in different countries to see the difference.
That you can do a lot of things without being judged all the times.

It really frees the mind.

In general, the north Americans are more optimist, maybe less informed and a little bit more naive than the French people but at least they:

Live and let live.

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