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Complex machines

Two new videos for you today.

Maybe they’ll inspire you to build something similar. 🙂


And then plastic balls:


Juvenoia or the fear of the youth

In this video, Michael from V-Sauce explains everything about the psychological phenomenon called Juvenoia.

This phenomenon according to the Wiktionary is :

” The fear or hostility directed by an older generation toward a younger one, or toward youth culture in general.”


It doesn’t seem like a very documented matter.

Google even lists the video as the best match.
I let you be the judge.

Just a robot programmed to be very good at Puzzle and Dragons

Like always I appreciate the work behind the performance.

To be able to code and make such a robot is quite a feat.


How oldschool sound and graphics worked for video games

If you ever wondered how the video games of your youth were made, this series of videos from the 8 bit guy explains it.

Enjoy !

How Oldschool Sound/Music worked


How “oldschool” graphics worked Part 1 – Commodore and Nintendo


How “oldschool” graphics work, part 2 – Apple and Atari


Free will doesn’t exist

We all want to be free of thinking, moving, speaking as we want.

We talk about freedom as it was something existing.

But we are chained to everything.

To our condition of animal, to our condition of human, of social beings.

We even depend on the weather and on a lot of unpredictable things.


About our condition of being an animal:

Try to live without eating, sleeping for example. We all got used to it since always. We don’t question it. It is considered as “normal”. The concept of free will would be to be able to choose whether or not we want to sleep now. But you can’t choose, you have to sleep.

And we can apply this to everything.

You have to eat, to eat, you have to have money. If you didn’t get rich enough to be financially stable your whole life, you will have to work.

So you can’t say that you don’t want to work, or eat.

When adult you usually have a sex drive, so you will want to find a mate.

You can try to deny it or try to live without it but I wish you good luck.


You will have to acquire some social skills, some “manners” because you will most probably live with other human beings. Your parents, siblings, cousins, teachers, employers, nurse…. whatever. You will acquire a behaviour which will be conditioned by your entourage.

Your entourage doesn’t like when you put your elbows on the table while eating? They will nag you until you behave like they want.


And with all that you acquire a set of actions conditioned by everything listed above. You will survive your whole life by behaving exactly like told. If suddenly you act differently, you will scare others, because we are animals, scared by difference. We want to behave like a uniform group.

So you can’t decide really. We are not really smart. We behave according scripts we formed in our brains. We won’t try this thing because we had a bad experience before (and that’s how our specie survived), we won’t jump on the table in the middle of a debate because it’s not socially acceptable.

We don’t decide much. We follow what we’ve been taught.

There is nothing like free will.