10 things weird people do

  1. They watch episode of a TV show in their entirety. They can’t just stop in the middle of it just because they need to. No. If they watch it, it’s entirely so they must plan ahead when they will have time to watch it.
  2. They don’t throw boxes of their electronic devices. Why? Because maybe they need to return the device to the store if it has a defect. Obviously, the store cares about the box. Or if they want to resell the device in the future. Maybe it needs the box, to add value to it.
  3. They buy food from the supermarket but they won’t consume it the day they bought it. Why? Because they want to enjoy the fact they bought it with their own money. They want the food they bought to last a little big longer in the fridge… to enjoy the company of it, I guess?
  4. They don’t watch TV, they said they are better than that. They are not exposed to advertisements this way. So they watch the same TV shows with the same actors on YouTube, Netflix with YouTube and Internet ads.
  5. They buy books, movies or games but they don’t read, watch or play them. It increases the already huge pile of things they don’t touch. Why did they buy it? Because it was a limited time special offer. Because they like the cover, the title, the boxart or the idea of it. But yeah, they don’t touch it.
  6. They put a lot of efforts into making a Halloween costume. Or a lot of money into buying one. A costume for one night. Or two if they have an office Halloween party as well. They sure can reuse that costume next year, but it wouldn’t be original anymore. So yeah a costume for one night, it is as useful as a wedding dress.
  7. They keep a lot of items that might be useful in the future : screws from some unknown furniture they built, buttons from a shirt they lost, extra USB cables, power cords, phone cables, plates, keys…. But the future where these items become useful never happen.
  8. They don’t want to take some meds when in pain because their pride is too strong. They want to feel like that they don’t need that, that they are invincible like they were in their 20s. But they are not in their 20s anymore.
  9. They don’t have a data plan on their phone because it’s expensive. So they have to remember (or even worse write it down like it’s the 2000’s again !) the address of the location they are going to. They miss the last minute change of plan of an event because everyone is using Facebook now instead of texting and calling. And yet they keep on connecting to each Tim Horton’s Wi-Fi or McDonalds’ one because they are addicted to the Internet anyway.
  10. They try to take their friends to some place they love but they didn’t go in a long time. But they don’t check about the place before going by calling or checking online. No, they go and most of the times the place is closed.



I guess I must be weird then.


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