Physical or mental, pain is a mechanism warning us of danger. It tells us that if we keep on doing something what we do, or if we keep not taking care of the painful part of us, it will get worse.

It exists since always in the human race. It is what prevented our race from a lot of dangers. It is what made us survive to this day.

You burn your hand by touching a stove? Your body reacts and you learn from it.

But like most of the things, pain isn’t identically felt by every human.

You can react differently than your neighbor to it.

You can get used to it.

You can get addicted to it also.



What interests me more is the fact that you can control it with your mind (of course):

You can tame it, reduce it by the force of your will.

You can also produce more of it, and suffer more than you should.

In the case of somatization, the mind of the patient can’t hold the mental pain anymore so it transfers some of the pain to the body.

I find that phenomenon fascinating. It means our mind is very strong.

During years, in the field of psychology, mind and body have been considered as separated concepts, but it’s until recently that it has been considered as one.

While experiencing pain or after it, you might want to express yourself somehow.

You either want to say “help me” , or “it is over now, I’m past that”.


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