Archive | February 2017

Forward, always forward.

As Pop used to say. This quote from the TV show Marvel’s Luke Cage is used to express an advice from a character to the main character. That he shouldn’t mourn the past and should keep going on.

The world is in constant motion, whether it is physically or literally.
During our lives we will experience so many situations, we won’t be able to control them, plan them. A lot of people will be born, or will die during our lifetime. Our circle of friends will keep on changing. It’s more than possible that we will move out, move in many times.

Trying to keep everything constant is difficult. We won’t be able to stay in this or that relationship, or this friendship. Friends will move out, lose interest, have babies. And we will too.

The only way to deal with this will of continuity is to accept that he can’t exist.
We must accept that we will have to adapt to what arrive in our lives, no matter what.

The opposite is wasting time and efforts for something that doesn’t exist: the past.