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Another Rube Goldberg machine

I already talked about a Rube GoldBerg machine before.
Machines that do a very simple task in a very complex way.
While they are known and conceived to be useless, I can totally understand the appeal of building them and seeing them in action.

In this video sponsored by RedBull apparently (and a famous Youtuber/Vine Maker: Zach King), you can see a new one in which I don’t understand all the mechanisms:

How does the egg become a chicken? How does the balloon pieces become pieces of paper?
Let me know in the comments.


Crazy pool vortex

Finally a female scientist on YouTube ! I just discovered Physics Girl who does a pretty good job teaching science to everyone.

In this video she creates a vortex with a plate in a pool and explains how it works.

Anti-gravity wheel

In this new video from Derek Muller, he shows how he can lift a really heavy wheel by making it rotate very fast.






Levitating particles thanks to sound waves.

In this impressive video, you can see what the university of Tokyo managed to do recently. For small particles they manage to make them levitate with sound waves.
But they explain that much better than me, I’ll let you watch: