How much is enough?

Imagine you always wanted to start your own business.

You made enough savings to live during your tries.

And you try your luck, starting your business.

You work a lot. You find clients. You start small but it’s growing at a steady pace.

Few years later, you have an established company, few employees, a lot of clients, and you make your first million of dollar.

It keeps on growing, you make more millions.

Now a huge company wants to buy your company, for hundred of millions of dollar.

All right,

Where do we stop?

When do we decide that is enough?


What was your aim when you started ?

You wanted to become independent financially?  Done

You wanted to help people with the service delivered by your business? Done.


But how many millions of dollars do you need?

Why do you keep on working?

Or why does your company keep on running?


Does it bring something to the world? Does it give you the impression you have an impact on the world?

I always wondered about that. If I was in this situation or even without that. Even now. About everything. How much money do I need to save? What for? How many movies do I watch? What will it bring? How many video games will I buy? What for?


What’s the goal of all this? Power? Freedom? Self esteem? Influence?

What would I do if I was managing hundred of stores across the country?

The annoying thing is that at one point, unless you have a business very helpful for the rest of the population, that it will imply a lot of persons, a lot of resources.

And the number of resources on this planet is finite.


We can’t always all aim super high. All wanting to become future Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

We won’t be able to all succeed.  But is it worth fighting the others to impose your point of view? with your wealth and your big corporation?


I imagine that if one day I’ll become independent financially. I’ll stop working… and I don’t know… maybe I’ll find a way to improve people’s lives…. Or I’ll just buy more companies, and even more, to feel powerful, to feel superior to other humans?!

If you don’t need to work anymore. What do you do of your days? Is that the reason why people keep on working even when they don’t need to?


Humans are weird.

Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets

I don’t remember posting that before, but it’s worth watching several times anyway.

The video is about new types of magnet that work differently than what we used to see.


Check out the Smarter Everyday channel also. Plenty of interesting and scientific stuff.



How to build a bridge without cranes

“A bridge needs to be built, so time to bust out the cranes, right? Not so fast, a Chinese company has built a machine that has a creative way of setting girders into place.
The SLJ900/32, made by the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company, is a 580 ton, 300 foot long and 24 foot wide mega machine that looks more like a train than a crane and acts a lot like a Stretch Armstrong action figure. Instead of using a stationary or crawler crane to lift the girder of a bridge from the ground and drop it into its place, the SLJ900/32 drives the girder onto the previously placed girder, slowly extends its arms to the next support platform, pushes the girder towards the front of the machine and then lowers it into place.”


“C’est la vie”

C’est une phrase que j’entends souvent en ce moment. “C’est la vie”.

Comme si quelque chose était immuable, inchangeable. Certaines personnes l’utilisent trop souvent. C’est aussi leur manière d’accepter quelque chose sur laquelle ils ne pensent pas avoir de controle.


“C’est la vie” alors on va rien faire, on va rien changer. Et c’est vraiment dommage. Parce qu’il y a des millions de possibilités, de changements possibles. Tu ne supportes plus ton partenaire, mais tu restes avec parce que ça fait longtemps que vous êtes ensemble, du coup à chacune des occurrences de son défaut qui t’importune le plus, tu soupires et tu prononces la fameuse phrase.

Je pense que beaucoup de choses peuvent être changées. Quelque soit l’age. Il y a souvent des alternatives à une situation, à un problème.

Rester dans une situation inconfortable, revient à rester dans une “cage dorée”. Tu es bloqué dedans mais c’est joli.

C’est presque comme rester dans sa zone de confort. Ça peut être positif mais si c’est fait avec modération.


BBC Documentary – The Brain with David Eagleman

I just discovered another series of my favorite TV shows: documentaries about the mind, the brain, or psychology.

You can see some of the episodes of “The Brain with David Eagleman” on YouTube, but some of them have been deleted.

Here are a few, you can watch them in any order:

Episode 1

Episode 2:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:


I let you look for the rest.



Sometimes I wish my life was easier.

Sometimes I wish:

  • I never lived in more than one country
  • I married an ordinary woman I would have met in high school
  • I sticked to the first permanent job as much as possible
  • I believed what the media or the government said
  • I spoke one language
  • I didn’t understand other cultures
  • I criticized the neighbour because he has a different skin color
  • I watched TV every evening, every week-end
  • I couldn’t stop eating, smoking, drinking alcohol
  • I never failed because I didn’t try anything new
  • I played lottery every week
  • I didn’t travel to other continents
  • I didn’t try on improving something I don’t like about my life and just kept on complaining about it


But where would be the fun in that?

Complex machines

Two new videos for you today.

Maybe they’ll inspire you to build something similar. 🙂


And then plastic balls: